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Apparently there's a database problem. D'oh!

Apparently there's a database problem. D'oh!

@scier Nah, waiting in line is part of the fun! #WWDC
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My setup:

I was an early adopter of the DVD format (summer 1997), and have acquired a few discs to date. Click here to view my DVD library. Oh, and I'm most certianly a widescreen snob. If you don't know much about film aspect ratios and keep wondering why you get black bars on stuff, read this. And also from is a great guide to anamorphic widescreen DVDs. There are two evils I still see people doing these days: 1) stretching 4:3 content to "fill" their fancy new HDTV, and 2) pan-and-scan fullscreen DVDs. Please take some time to read the above linked articles if you want to get the most out of your new equipment while at the same time preserving what the filmmaker had intended.


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