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Metroid is, in my humble opinion, the best series of games in terms of gameplay excellence, ground-breaking player experience, and emotional immersion. It was by far my favorite game on the original NES because of its enormous worlds begging for exploration, the atmospheric music, and the seemingly non-linear flow of objectives.


Metroid first appeared in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System 8-bit home video game system. The basic story involves the heroine, Samus Aran, on a mission in the Planet Zebes to defeat the Mother Brain. The title of the game is the name of a newly discovered life form called a Metroid. This creature feeds on the energy of other beings to live, and certainly resulted in a game ending that was very tough and actual a little scary. The mood of the game was simply incredible for the day because of the art direction and music score. A password system was used to continue the game at various stopping points since memory was not used in cartridges back then (the original Nintendo Zelda was the first game to include a battery for memory storage in 1987).

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METROID II (1991 GameBoy)

After defeating the Mother Brain on the planet Zebes, Samus heads for the planet SR388 to find and destroy all the remaining metroids.

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Once again Samus has to battle the mother brain. After Metroid II, a single Metroid hatchling survived and it was stolen by the Space Pirates. Returning to the planet Zebes, she has to destroy the Space Pirates and save the single Metroid.

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Metroid Fusion is a simultaneous release with Metroid Prime. Returning to the side-scrolling original style, this GameBoy Advance title features a large, interesting story wherein Samus is infected with a parasite known as 'X'. In order to save her, she is treated with a vaccine made from a Metroid cell, and from then on she can absorb X parasites as their ultimate predator.

METROID PRIME (2002 GameCube)

Making the transition to 3D in style, Metroid Prime is the story of Samus Aran's pursuit of the Space Pirates after the events of the original Metroid (NES) and before Metroid II (GameBoy). Samus journies to the planet Tallon IV (home world of the Chozo) to investigate. Using absolutely stunning art direction, game engine design, and music composition, this game has quickly become my favorite game of all time. It is in fact a reason to buy a GameCube if you do not already own one; it's that good.

Here is a nice shot from the ending of Metroid Prime (if you have collected most of the items).

Main Title Music (MP3)


Metroid Zero Mission, released February 2004, features a remake of the original Metroid. The basic storyline has been slightly expanded with new plot elements, cut scenes, power-ups, and enemies.

Metroid Zero Mission
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