PodSafe is an application that I have developed to be YAPA (Yet Another Podcast AggregatorTM). I've tried four different podcast clients for Mac OS X, and haven't found the *one* that does everything I want. Some have some cool features, others sport additional neat tricks but leave out some key requirements. So, given that I'm a programmer, I figured the best thing to do was just to write my own. It's a great chance to learn Cocoa and Objective-C, anyways. Objective-C is a set of libraries and a pre-processor used on top of C. It provides object-oriented constructs and does the object-oriented thing better than C++ itself (IMHO). And it has both dynamic typing and dynamic binding! W00t! If you're not a coder, you probably have no idea nor do you care what that means. But please, read on.

So what is podcasting? It's a way of distributing media files (MP3 audio) using an XML file to describe a feed. The XML file stores information about the podcast and a list of all the available shows. When new shows are added to the XML file, you can use a podcast aggregator client to check the info and download the new files and put them right on your iPod. It's kind of like a TiVo for web radio shows. There are podcasts for independent music, talk shows, news, and a variety of other subjects. PodSafe is the client that manages your podcast subscriptions and checks them for new shows. It then downloads the files and puts them into iTunes.


main screen

about box

feed info panel


2005.06.30 - Now that iTunes 4.9 has podcasting support, I really do not see a need to continue development on this. So, version 0.4 is the final one. It was a fun little project. Enjoy it!


SourceForge.net Logo 2005.04.07 - Version 0.4 (stable) has been released. The .dmg and source .zip files are available at the SourceForge.net project - file release page. To install, download and open the .dmg disk image and drag the PodSafe application to your Applications/ folder.

Contact / Info

You may email me at stealthboy at mac.com. If you would like to report bugs, please use the SourceForge bug tracker for this project. If you would like to support this project by linking to it from your website, please, by all means, steal that little get podsafe image and link to this page.

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