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Apparently there's a database problem. D'oh!

Apparently there's a database problem. D'oh!

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The UNIX operating system was developed in the early 1970's at AT&T Bell labs. Over the quarter century that makes up its history, UNIX has changed, however remains true to its original form and intention; namely being a powerful operating system allowing the fullest control over hardware, providing an excellent environment for programming and multitasking, while keeping the interfaces cryptic enough so that only the most serious users need apply ;-).

I began using UNIX back in 1991 or so in high school (TJ). In the computer systems lab we had some old SGI Cybers around with an early Irix, a IBM RS/6000, and quite a few other general UNIX boxen. We then got 8 new PCs that we decided should run Linux. Now, this was late 1992/early 1993 when Linux was first coming onto the scene, so installation was far from the cake walk it is now... But it sure was fun.

I use an AMD 1600+ Linux (Fedora Core 6) machine for my main home server and Internet gateway. Great for software development; also streams MP3s, serves web pages, and runs Quake. What more do you need? I'm using gnome as my desktop manager. I also have two other Fedora Linux PCs as part of my MythTV PVR setup, a Silicon Graphics Indy machine running Irix, and a new PowerBook running OS X rounding out my home UNIX network.

My machines are now online all the time, thanks to Speakeasy DSL. You can access my machine here.

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