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Apparently there's a database problem. D'oh!

Apparently there's a database problem. D'oh!

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Back in July 2003 I bought an iPod. I went with the mid-range model (15 gig). After some work I got it reformatted to work with Linux, and I've been using it every day since then. It's a great little device; well- designed, small, and does everything a portable music player needs to do. My car stereo even has an external input jack, so I can take my music from home to car to work with no problems, and no more carrying CDs around. CDs are soooooo 20th-century anyways.

I've never owned or really used an Apple product before I got my Ipod. Given the amazing design and attention to detail, coupled with the UNIX base of the new OS X, I figured an iMac would be a great machine. And I was quite right.

In October 2004 Apple announced a new special edition iPod in conjunction with U2. It's a black and red version of the 20g 4th generation model. Being a U2 fan, I had to get one. The pictures certainly don't do it justice; the gloss black finish and the matte red click wheel look great.

So there's another addition to my Apple collection... A new 15" PowerBook G4. I've never had a laptop before, so it's taking some time to get used to the trackpad. The machine itself is just so well designed and built. With the neat little Airport Express thingy, I can wirelessly hook into my home network and also stream iTunes music to my home stereo.

I also wrote a little Mac OS X application...