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Apparently there's a database problem. D'oh!

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So having been born in 1976, I remember watching the original Battlestar Galactica in the early 80's. When 2003 came around and there was talk of the Sci-Fi channel doing a "new" version of the show, I was with the rest of the crowd that was skeptical. You know, the whole "Starbuck and Boomer are now women" complaint, and knowing it just couldn't be good. So I skipped the miniseries. Didn't care to watch it at all... and I thought all was past.

But there was talk. Was it actually good? So when I found out that episodes would be starting up as a first season of regular shows, I decided to tune into the first episode, entitled "33". It premiered on October 18, 2004 on the Sci-Fi Channel. I was immediately hooked. This was the television I wanted to watch. This was smart writing. It was real. It was a gritty reality of another universe that I last saw in the original Star Wars. And it didn't follow a normal television formula. It didn't have to explain everything.

So I immediately found and watched the miniseries. What an amazing piece of work. I didn't even try to compare this to the old series of the late 70's. This new show is in a league of its own. For any doubter, just watch it. It is honestly, without a doubt, the best television show on today. It's intelligent, honest, and tackles issues of human nature that no other show dares address.

So far there just seems to be no let-up in the strength and power of this show. Each episode just keeps getting better. I can't recommend this show more highly, especially for folks who don't care for science fiction. This show manages to primarily be a character-driven drama, which just happens to take place aboard spaceships. Start with the miniseries (available on DVD and also on iTunes) and just give it a try.

Being the complete geek that I am, I made a small model of the viper...

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