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As a kid born in the mid-70's, I naturally had a lot of Star Wars toys. But for some reason they disappeared in the late 80's. In high school, I met up with some other Star Wars enthusiasts, and we started collecting again. In two years I built up an impressive collection, and since the early 90's I've still been slowly acquiring all sorts of new pieces to add to my collection. With the advent of eBay it's been so easy as a collector - back in the day we had to scour yard sales and send away (in the mail) for collectors' trade lists.

I focus on vintage Kenner toys produced mainly from 1978 to 1985. It's nice to see some current toys still produced, but for me the fun is in finding all the old figures and playsets that were such a large part of my childhood. I have a complete set of 93 loose figures (all about C9-mint condition), as well as most of the playsets and vehicles. My Micro Collection has just been completed, and now I'm looking to complete my 12-back mint-on-card run. 12-back cards refer to the original 1978 line of the first 12 figures, which featured a picture of all 12 figures on the back of the card (see above picture).

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