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Star Wars is basically a myth, paralleling Greek mythology more than just a science-fiction story. It embodies the basic hero-villian story of young, helpless hero facing fears early, being trained and wisened, and coming back to confront the evil at hand. The story and characters were like a basic myth, yet unique, which explains its continued popularity.

I grew up with Star Wars. I had all the action figures. I watched the movies constantly. And that fascination with the Lucas mythology didn't end with my childhood. I've seen each of the original three countless times. I camped out on the streets of D.C. for four days for Episode I (in retrospect that was a mistake! I'm not a fan of the prequels). My vintage Kenner figure collection occupies an entire room in my house. Crazy? Perhaps. I've started sorting through my collection lately, figuring out what's missing and what I need to find. It's been fun getting back into it - For pictures and a catalog of my collection, go here.

  • My vintage collection

    I'm not such a fan of the Special Edition alterations done to the original trilogy, so I just got a copy of the original theatrical release on DVD (rip from laserdisc). 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and Dolby surround sound. Oh, and there's little project that a guy known as Harmy has been working on to recreate the theatrical releases of the films in the best resolution, color, and sound possible. They are appropriately called the "Despecialized Editions". They're amazing. You want to know more about these sets? Click here.