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I'm not really a fan of the Special Edition alterations *cough* massacre *cough* done to the original trilogy, so I just decided to get a copy of the original theatrical releases on DVD (rip from laserdisc) so I could watch them without wearing out my only widescreen VHS set. The DVDs I have are great transfers; 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and Dolby surround sound. I got a nice triple-DVD case, made some custom labels and sleeves, and ended up with a pretty neat-looking DVD set of the original trilogy.

If you already own the films, then perhaps you could use BitTorrent and look around for sites hosting these DVDs for download. That's just a suggestion. Not that I would know anything about that. Then you might want to consider making use of that new DVD burner you have that I'm sure is getting no use at all. Just a thought.

NOTE: These DVD labels are designed for label sheets with the small inner circle, and not the standard larger hole. The source layered image files in XCF format are also provided for use with GIMP or Photoshop (So you can turn off the white template layer before printing). DVD label images should be printed at 4.75" x 4.75".

A New Hope [jpg] [xcf]

The Empire Strikes Back [jpg] [xcf]

Return of the Jedi [jpg] [xcf]

Supplemental Materials (trailers, interviews) [jpg]

Front inside sheet [v1 jpg] [v2 jpg] (4.8"x 7.27")

Trilogy DVD case cover [v1 jpg] [v2 jpg] (11.265" x 7.185")
(These will not work in a standard single case! They're for this kind of ALPHApak triple DVD case available at Sleeve City. I also bought the clip-in single disc page to expand the case to hold all four discs.)

If you're looking for single DVD case sleeves (one for each film), I suggest surfing on over to this site (specifically the "Original Theatrical Release of Trilogy" section).

Sleeve and labels for the 2-disc Making Of set provided by Bro J.